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  1. Rejuvenating Ubtan Face Scrub

    The fine scrub grains help in cleansing skin and removing dirt particles. Regular use of Rejuvenating Ubtan leads to skin whitening and reduces suntan and blemishes to give a flawless complexion. This is suitable for all skin types. Learn More
  2. Almond Blush Face Scrub

    The Almond Blush face scrub with pure Almond and Apricot which provides nourishment to the skin. It helps in reducing blemishes. It also purifies and moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple. Learn More
  3. Apricot Sparkle Face Scrub

    Apricot Sparkle face scrub contains pure Apricot kernels and makes the skin soft and smooth. It also helps in lightening the complexion and gives an instant glow. Learn More
  4. Invigorating Coconut Face Scrub

    Coconut nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Invigorating Coconut face scrub helps in improving the texture of skin and in reducing white heads, black heads and other common problems in all types of skin. It also acts as an instant skin polisher. Learn More
  5. Five Grain Melange Face Scrub

    A blend of many powerful grains, Five Grain Melange face scrub helps in keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. Regular use of the skin lightener will illuminate skin color, remove dead skin and keep the skin clean and nourished. It also acts as an instant facial. Learn More
  6. Nuts and Oatmeal Nourish Face Scrub

    This unique almond, apricot, oatmeal scrub whitens your skin, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and nourishes the skin. Use it regularly for a flawless and youthful complexion. Suitable for all skin types. Learn More

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Profile image I just love the oatmeal scrub and the coconut pack. I have a very dry skin and looks dull mostly. However with just a teaspoon of curd or as instructed, applying the above packs brightens my skin, clears the dead cells and give a nice moisturized feel to my skin. I now use these as a quick fix mostly before parties or when I am too lazy for a detailed facial procedure which with my time schedule is a rarity. These packs are awesome.
Shivani Lorai
Profile image Hi arti used ubtan, apricot oil, five grain melange and radiance they all are so wow leaving my skin soft like a baby glowing all the time and the best part is they are all herbal simply loved ur products
Sonam Kaura
Profile image I usually avoid using products on my face because my skin is very sensitive. However, after using Marigold products, my skin felt fresh, clean and very smooth. Well done Aditi and Aarti didi!!! Guys go grab a bag of natures goodness today!!!
Profile image Dear Aarti , I am happy & glad Marigold happened to me. Marigold products are simply awesome & Natural. Thanks Aarti for getting marigold to me ... feels beautiful & fresh to use Rejuvenating Ubtan & my face glows with Radiance Face pack. Please use these products highly recommended by me
Radhika Kochhar
Profile image Marigold products r just sooo awsome ...they make my skin soo fresh and soft... Specialy Ubtan is my favourite all my tan is gone and i use it almost everyday and it makes me feel soo rejuvinated.. All the scrubs are super awsome apricot sparkle is also very nice.. Actualy all the products are super super awsome and soo happy .. And even my friends loved it... Best part is All natural ingredients no chemicals used.. Thank u sooo much marigold .
Jyotika Atree