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  1. Rejuvenating Ubtan Face Scrub

    The fine scrub grains help in cleansing skin and removing dirt particles. Regular use of Rejuvenating Ubtan leads to skin whitening and reduces suntan and blemishes to give a flawless complexion. This is suitable for all skin types. Learn More
  2. Almond Blush Face Scrub

    The Almond Blush face scrub with pure Almond and Apricot which provides nourishment to the skin. It helps in reducing blemishes. It also purifies and moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple. Learn More
  3. Apricot Sparkle Face Scrub

    Apricot Sparkle face scrub contains pure Apricot kernels and makes the skin soft and smooth. It also helps in lightening the complexion and gives an instant glow. Learn More
  4. Invigorating Coconut Face Scrub

    Coconut nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Invigorating Coconut face scrub helps in improving the texture of skin and in reducing white heads, black heads and other common problems in all types of skin. It also acts as an instant skin polisher. Learn More
  5. Five Grain Melange Face Scrub

    A blend of many powerful grains, Five Grain Melange face scrub helps in keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. Regular use of the skin lightener will illuminate skin color, remove dead skin and keep the skin clean and nourished. It also acts as an instant facial. Learn More
  6. Nuts and Oatmeal Nourish Face Scrub

    This unique almond, apricot, oatmeal scrub whitens your skin, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and nourishes the skin. Use it regularly for a flawless and youthful complexion. Suitable for all skin types. Learn More

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Profile image Thank Aarti/Aditi for getting such an organic product into d market. These products made my skin look smooth & hydrated. Scrubs have great balance too with right amount of moisturising element and skin sloughing. It gives me a feeling of luxury spa.
Puja Choudhary
Profile image Aarti Aunty I love ur products as they r really nice n they work too
Profile image Amazing products by marigold...truly an experince to use it...they are herbal...holisitic...and makes ur skin radiant...more so u end up finding a friend in Arti...who is not only so honest wth her work but a delight to associate wth... i am more than glad to have found her and her range....all the best and keep rocking!
Shalini Khandelwal
Profile image After regular use of marigold products my blackheads and whiteheads have almost completely disappeared. My skin has a noticeable glow with reduced pigmentation. I no longer need to use any other products for my skin. Love marigold would recommend it to everyone
Dipika Rajora
This is hands-down THE BEST face pack! A very effective and moisturizing pack. Skin was abosolutely clean and glowing after first use itself. Thanks a lot. Love the five grain melange and the miracle which I used.
Gayatri Chawla