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Profile image Hey Arti...I am loving the scrubs and packs that you've made. Every time I use them, my face feels thoroughly pampered. And the best is the fact that it's all natural and chemical free!
Manjit Oberai
Profile image Super awesome products Aarti ... We r fortunate that your years of research n hard work is finally packed beautifully .. Marigold is truly Nature's goodness all the way ...I feel products are the kind ancient Indian royalty used to indulge in ..totally natural no artificial fragrance.. leaves my skin feeling extremely pampered, silky, smooth n sufficiently moisturised a perfect combination of great quality, classy packaging n excellent pricing to top it up ...overall 10/10 in every way ..it's a great gifting option as well ..(would get in touch soon for bulk order as return gift) super proud of u
Preeti Ghai
Profile image Marigold is awesome. Since I came back from Thailand, I was totally tanned and since I started using face packs and other accessories of marigold I have become even more fare than before. Marigold is just awesome. These are pure and natural. They have no chemicals at all so mom allows me to use them. I love it.
Profile image Aarti and Aditi - thanks a ton for the Marigold goodies. Frankly am yet to try the products but the packaging / presentation is so appealing that I couldn't resist posting a comment. Great job.
Smita Jolly Sood
Profile image Thank you Aarti and Aditi for introducing me to the range of marigold naturals products. My skin tends to be dry and feels dull during the harsh US winters. After using the scrubs and the masks I could feel my skin feeling more hydrated, luxurious and glowing. A few drops of apricot oil added to any product gives my skin wonderful smoothness and radience. Thank u ladies for bringing in a beautifully packaged and 100% chemical free line of skin care products to the market.
Pooja Manocha